Boymaxwell Indojaya Grup, ltd. is a trading company engaged in exporting and importing Aceh’s commodities with coffee as its main products. Based on the company deed, we are inaugurated on February 2021. Some factors encourage the founder to build the company. One of them is the economic sector of Aceh that is not fully recovered post the tsunami, and it even gets worse since the Covid-19 pandemic hit Indonesia. it cannot be helped although Aceh is the potential in producing the agricultural commodities that can be exported. The founder, as an Acehnese, would like to maximze the exported commodities through Gayo coffee.

Boymaxwell is new in the export-import of agricu tural commodities industry in Indonesia, but our founder has 10 years of experience in online marke ing, both at home and abroad. This is why our company is noticed by many companies from various countries.

We are currently developing a blockchain project called Boymaxwell Connect. We are interested in running the blockchain-based Boymaxwell Connect. This project is developed as a response to customer’s demands on bigger trust and transpa ency through blockchain as an important latest technology for the resellers to meet their customers‘ expectations adequately.

The goal of our project is to advance our ability as a company to identify the issues related to food withdrawal, starting from the faster tracking of the outbreak to minimize customers’ risks. This techno ogy can speed the tracking of all products up as well as its steps in the supply chain.

The data covers the information of the product planting, processing, product transport, labeling, and delivery. All the data can be tested and tracked in seconds, faster than the old system. In this case, we use the platform as the right media for the resellers to get the digital trust and to manage the data more safely and decentralized.

In the other words, Boymaxwell Connect combines the supply chain module with blockchain core function, food ecosystem business value delivery from the standard governance, and Food Trust technology.

We create this blockhain project to gain total trust from the customers and to fullfill our company mission to create the Information and Communic tion Technology network-based business. We attempt to integrate the operational and transa tional activities to make it more practical and faster to ease the trading process by using an efficient and competitive technology.


There are many potential export commodities in Aceh seen from the various sector.

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